Alyria is an expansive planet comprised of four large continents and hundreds of islands. Immense forests, some bright and benign, others dark and menacing, blanket much of the land. The deep Oceanus Ingenii, navigable only by ship, separates the land masses. Beyond the stately cities and jubilant inns, countless dungeons perforate the lush skin of Alyria.

Alyria offers many cities, each bearing its own personality. Rune and New Rigel are at the heart of the civilized world. Tellerium and Templeton serve as massive port towns and are home to much of Alyria's industry. Some of Alyria's inhabitants own ornate homes, some stay at the numerous inns, and others remaining wayfaring strangers, hiking on the miles of trails braided over the varying terrain, sleeping only when necessary. Many fortified and bulwarked castles hewn of foreign stone freckle the colorful landscape.

Concurrently, dark places such as Avarice and Mandrake Woods spawn bizarre, demented creatures. Evil beings like Lord Maldra, the Wizard Focault, and the demon Yourban. Each maintains strongholds wherein they forge evil items and churn out ugly beasts. Few know the dangers deep within the heart of Dungeon Deceit. No adventurer knows by heart the hundreds of twisty corridors within Hellbent Mountain.

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