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Auryn is an old continent embodying ancient magic and civilizations. Old pits boring deep into Alyria provide challenges for adventurers here, and complex, established cities offer food and companionship, and a sense of civilization in this otherwise wild continent.


Sigil is at the forefront of everything precarious in Alyria. The loudest and most notorious established city, This racy town is a center for psionics and mages.

Dungeon Odious[]

Dungeon Odious, not all can find its entrance in the plains around Sigil, for only the wise adventurer may delve into it and solve its riddles.


Vospire is a castle town for advanced travelers. Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano, overlooks the town.

Mount Vesuvius[]

Mount Vesuvius is a live volcano. Gnomes have been exploring the far reaches of Vesuvius' passages for years, discovering perhaps more than just lava and molten iron.

The Palace of Diocletian[]

Diocletian is home to some of the best baths in the world, this architectural accomplishment is the abode for many of the wisest men on Auryn.

Hydra's Den[]

Hydra's Den, once the home to giants. This underground complex has been overrun by the foul mother hydra and her venomous offspring, and the evil faeries that protect them.