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This volcanically active region is home to two of the world's largest port towns, Tellerium and Templeton. Avros plays host to a large glacier-filled gorge inhabited by frost giants. A dangerous village of beetle headed ogres also resides on the periphery of this continent. Miles of forest surround the Tower of Aroxa, where it is fabled that a dragon holds hostage a young maiden princess who may be rescued by only a brave adventurer.


Tellerium, a great port town that specializes in physical combat, as magic may not be cast within the town's walls.


Templeton, a unruly port town regularly visited by the Merdraco, and is perfect for novice adventurers ready to show off their physical abilities and embark upon quests.

Aroxa Forest

Aroxa Forest is designed for novice adventurers, a Princess begging for liberation is imprisoned within the woods.

Frost Giants' Keep

Frost Giants' Keep is the glacial home to huge bumbling frost creatures and their wives. They have much treasure, but don't like visitors.

Ogre Village

Ogre village is full of those great beasts with silly names such as Fatnose and Rumblesnort. They love nothing more than to play games showing off their strength.

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