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Barbarians are nomadic warriors who journey across the vast lands of the world, often making their livings as mercenaries. Devoting their lives to the improvement of their bodies, Barbarians strive to reach a state of physical perfection. They tend to be the most powerful class of fighters, relying upon brute strength to crush their opponents. Years of endurance training give Barbarians the ability to heal their wounds very quickly, although they are also experts at defensive techniques.

Barbarians are masters of all forms of armed and unarmed combat. Once experienced, they are able to attack much faster than their enemies, and tend to do more damage with each blow. Because axes can cleave through opponents with the greatest force, they are the preferred weapons of most Barbarians. Other bladed weapons are also popular, including daggers, swords, spears, and halberds. While Barbarians believe that it is somewhat cowardly to use axes and spears as throwing weapons, they are still trained to fight with them in this manner.

Various tribes of Barbarians can be found in different parts of the world. While they seldom battle against each other, two tribes sometimes end up fighting as hired mercenaries on opposites sides of a war. Young Barbarians wishing to test their abilities often travel to Tellerium, a city located on the continent of Avros. Because its residents distrust the use of magic, Tellerium is the perfect place to hone combat skill.

A Barbarian's primary attribute is Strength.

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