Bards are a group of slightly mischievous wanderers, traveling across the lands as storytellers. While Bards are trained to play a wide variety of different instruments, many have a personal favorite that they use most of the time. The most talented performers are able to make a living by enchanting audiences with their tales and ballads, although many Bards sometimes go through hard times, and need to resort to more devious means of survival. They often depend on their luck to get them through difficult situations.

While Bards will insist that they have more integrity than the members of the Rogue class, they possess many of the same skills. Their talents include picking locks and pockets, identifying obscure items, scanning for victims, and moving without being detected. Harsh responses from easily-offended audience members make it necessary for Bards to be masters of escaping danger, and they are very difficult to hit during combat. If provoked into a fight, Bards often surprise their victims with a quick but deadly stab to the back. They also enjoy making battles into public spectacles, and will use swords to engage their opponents in impressive duels. However, Bards are also skilled with daggers, nunchaku, whips, yo-yos, and thrown weapons such as knives, stars, or darts.

The most important ability of the Bards is the power to affect the world through music. By playing a certain series of notes and accompanied by vocal modulations, they are able to bend the fabric of reality and produce various magical effects. While most require the formal training offered by schools of music, some Bards are gifted performers who can play naturally. The most popular destination for young Bards looking to make a name for themselves is New Rigel, a city on the continent of Sepharia. The many tourists visiting there provide willing audiences, or if need be, unsuspecting victims.

A Bard's primary attribute is Luck.

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