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Cavaliers are an elite class of top-notch fighters. Only the most skilled warriors are accepted into the training, and must go through years of practice. The main focus of the Cavaliers is mounted combat, and they must be masterful riders on horses and various other animals. The program is extremely demanding and requires a great deal of endurance, making vitality the most important concern of the Cavalier.

Because they almost always fight while mounted, the polearm is the weapon of choice for Cavaliers. They are also trained in other weapons that can be used in the saddle, including lances, pikes, halberds, swords, maces, and throwing knives. In fact, Cavaliers are far more effective while riding, and feel somewhat out of place in combat on the ground. They are still able to strike harder and more quickly than most opponents, and can regenerate faster after being wounded.

The Cavalier's guild began as an equestrian club centuries ago, but gradually evolved to include combat training. While the techniques that Cavaliers learn have been updated to reflect changes in combat style, they still retain the antiquated practice of accepting only males into the program. While this decreases the overall reputation and quality of the group, Cavaliers are still some of the best fighters around. Young Cavaliers wishing to test their abilities often travel to Tellerium, a city located on the continent of Avros. Because its residents distrust the use of magic, Tellerium is the perfect place to hone combat skill.

A Cavalier's primary attribute is Vitality.

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