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A Drow is an outcast Elf who, against normal Elven nature, worships the forces of darkness. Reviled by most, the Drow work in secret, learning as much as they can about black magic. They tend to dwell in underground lairs or in deep, dark forests, and avoid contact with other races unless it will help them further their knowledge of evil. They are stockier than other Elves, and tend to have darker skin as well.

Although few Elves are willing to admit it, Drow possess some of the same abilities that they do. They can see in the dark, and are able to locate hidden creatures with ease. Drow are difficult to control through magical means, and in addition can avoid the effects of the necromantic forces that they know so well. However, Drow are highly vulnerable to the forces of goodness, and are often easily dispatched by holy weapons and spells.

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