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Druids are clerics who have an intimate bond with the natural world. When magic was still young, a group of Gray Wizards emerged from among the black and white magicians, wanting to remain neutral in the conflict between good and evil. After discovering that their views did not fit into society, they withdrew into the secluded forests of Alyria.

Calling themselves Druids, these secluded mages are dedicated to understanding the universe, and seek knowledge wherever they go. Using the life energy found on the physical plane, Druids are able to invoke or evoke elemental powers from the ethereal plane, producing a wide variety of unique effects. Druids also have heightened perception which allows them to scan far along the horizon, and are able to identify even the most obscure items. They prefer fighting with flails, but can also wield daggers, hooks, maces, or nunchaku.

Little is known about the organizations of the Druids, since they are generally not a part of society. The fabled Ivory Tower is said to be their true home, although only a few people have claimed to encounter them there. Some young Druids choose to travel the world in order to protect the environment, and they often begin their journeys in the city of Xaventry, since there is a high concentration of life energy there.

A Druid's primary attribute is Knowledge.

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