The Fey are an evil race of bloodthirsty creatures from the faerie section of the ethereal plane, who have come to the world of Alyria in order to gain power. They are small, twisted humanoids, with sharp fangs used to drink the blood of mortals. While the Fey do have wings like their cousins the Sidhe, they are small and leathery, like those of a bat.

Because they are not native to the physical plane, Fey are immune to poison and resistant to disease and magical control. They also have the special ability to assume the semblance of any living being, and can fade out of existence to avoid attacks. Unfortunately, due to their ethereal nature, Fey are harmed by sunlight, water, and the touch of iron, since these things disrupt their physical forms on this plane. Though limited in power in the mortal realms, the Fey are still considered formidable opponents.

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