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Lowangen resides in the far northeast region of Sepharia. One must cross the vast Sepharian desert with its well-known oasis Desert Thorn. King Cronus of Lowangen is a unique ruler who remains an enigma even to those who serve him.

Lowangen is a prosperous town and offers opportunities to those adventurers who dare travel across the great desert to reach it. There are a number of trainers who are available for instruction in a wide array of skills as well as shops that offer unique objects attainable nowhere else.

The shops of Lowangen are always ready to welcome those with gold in their pockets as well as those with something to sell or trade. It is said that Alerion offers adventurers the opportunity to earn extra gold by helping him obtain the skins he needs to produce his wares. A wonderful hot air balloon service traverses Sepharia from Lowangen to New Rigel.

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