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A Mark is a type of magical branding that creates a mystical symbol upon your aura, visible only to specially trained magic users. While certain NPCs within the world of Alyria may bestow Marks upon your person for performing tasks, Marks are most often given by the Powers themselves, who watch and guide all of the denizens of the land.

You may receive Marks for:

  • Visiting special locations
  • Defeating certain denizens
  • Performing certain actions
  • Solving certain puzzles

Marks will always have descriptive names, such as the Mark of Truth, or the Mark of Wisdom. You may view a list of the Marks your character has received by using the SCORE MARKS command. There are dozens of different Marks that can be obtained.

Many Marks found throughout Alyria have conditions attached to them that must be met in order for the Mark to be awarded to your person. Some conditions include:

  • Being above or below a certain level
  • Defeating certain denizens without aide from others
  • Defeating certain denizens while the denizen is not affected by certain affects

When a Mark is bestowed upon you, it will usually come with a reward of some kind, usually in the form of additional practice sessions and/or experience. Sometimes having a specific Mark will allow you safe passage into a certain area, or will let you receive a special item. There may be multiple ways to receive the same Mark, but you can only obtain each specific Mark once.

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