Materia Magica Wiki

Materia Magica Wiki is currently recruiting 2-3 operators (sysops). Please reading the following before applying.


Do not apply useless you meet all the requirements.

  • You are a Materia Magica Player
  • You have experience in wikis
  • You have at least some quality edits in Materia Magica Wiki
  • You will log on regularly
  • You will act accordingly (Refer to the Adminitrators Guide)
P.S. Wiki Administration experience preferred but not required


1.Make sure you meet all requirements.
2.Send an application in the following format to a bureaucrat (either in the talk page or by email).

User Name in Wikia:
Player Name in Materia Magica:
Wiki Experience:
Why do you want to be an operator:

3.Please allow a few days for the processing of your application.