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Monks are a group of scholarly mages, mainly interested in learning more about the ancient magical arts. They are trained in secluded monasteries, spending many years with their noses deep in books. While Monks often call upon the Powers during their castings, they tend not to be too religious, relying upon their familiarity with forgotten rites and words of power. The spells used by most Monks deal primarily with enhancing the abilities of the caster, curing minor ailments, or hindering the abilities of enemies. Additionally, Monks are able to call upon the powers of plants and herbs and produce powerful concoctions.

While they devote much time to their studies and hold knowledge as a primary goal, Monks also believe that the body and mind must be in harmony. As a result, they tend to be much more physically fit than other classes of magicians. They prefer disabling their opponents in battle using whips, but are also skilled with flails, maces, nunchaku, polearms, and yo-yos. Monks can deal as much damage as an experienced warrior, and are usually difficult to hit during combat.

The first monastery was founded centuries ago by a group of White Wizards. Since then, many other mages have founded their own research institutions. While clerics are sometimes angered by these secular intrusions into the domain of the Powers, Monks continue to learn more about things that have been long forgotten. Some young Monks choose to journey the world in search of new information, and most often begin in Sigil, home of one of the largest magical libraries in existence.

A Monk's primary attribute is Knowledge.

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