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Ogres are the largest and strongest of the races, averaging over seven feet in height. They resemble enormous humans, but tend to be almost hairless. While Ogres often organize into tightly-knit communities, they tend not to interact much with the other races. Their cities are usually located in mountainous or hilly areas, and their buildings are made from stones so large that no other people would be able to move them.

Because of their massive size and strength, Ogres make excellent fighters, and they are always greatly feared by their enemies. Their thick skins provide them a bonus to their armor resistance which increases as they gain in experience and makes them resistant to extreme heat and cold. They also tend to be a bit dull-witted and thus somewhat open to mental attacks. Their lack of intellect also prevents Ogres from using magic very well, and their massive size makes them ineffective as thieves.

Classes available:

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