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Paladins are holy knights, venturing into foreign lands to defend their faith. These valiant crusaders often journey with clerics, defending them in situations where physical force becomes necessary. Paladins strive to do good deeds in the name of the Powers, and will struggle to prevent injustice wherever they find it. They are well-known around the world for their extraordinary courage in the face of danger.

While Paladins are highly versatile, able to use a wider variety of weapons than any other class, they prefer to fight with a sword. They can strike harder and faster than almost any foe, and are just as effective in combat while mounted. In addition to their prowess in battle, Paladins can channel the power of the Powers in order to perform minor magical feats such as granting protection, curing ailments, and helping the faithful.

The Holy Order of the Paladin was established by the minor Powers many centuries ago. Only the purest and strongest among the faithful are granted this divine favor, since it is a solemn responsibility that requires lifelong dedication. Paladins are charged with the defense of all that is holy, and must respect all religions as their own. When they are called by the Powers, young Paladins travel to the city of Tellerium, in order to hone their combat skills before traveling out into the world.

A Paladin's primary attribute is Courage.

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