Rogues are a group of devious thieves who walk the shadows of the night, and make their livings by stealing from other people. They are experts at many mischievous skills, including picking locks and pockets, finding traps and disarming them, identifying obscure items and easy marks, scanning for victims, and tracking them down. Rogues are also masters of escaping from danger, learning multiple methods of evasion. Because of their amazing agility, they are very difficult to hit during combat.

Since Rogues are able to move without being detected, they often strike their victims with a quick but deadly stab to the back. Rogues prefer using easily-concealable but dangerous weapons, especially daggers. Hooks, nunchaku, whips, and yo-yos are also popular, along with knives or stars that can be thrown at enemies from a distance. While they try to avoid fights that are not weighted heavily in their favor, Rogues are still competent warriors, and are able to attack much more quickly than all but the most skilled of opponents.

The organizations that Rogues form are highly secretive, and their structures are only fully understood by their members. While they sometimes come into conflict with each other, only one group tends to operate in each of the world's major cities. The exception to this is New Rigel, a popular town located on Sepharia that offers young Rogues a unique opportunity to hone their thieving skills before journeying to other places.

A Rogue's primary attribute is Agility.

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