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Rune was founded by Lord Agrippa and is the heart of the land in many ways. His elegant castle within the walls of Rune is home to some of the most famous knights. Rune is one of the oldest cities in Alyria, as it was one of the few to escape the Great Cataclysm intact.

Adventurers come to Rune in search of exploration, for it is in Rune that all of Alyria comes together so that any information of interest may be found somewhere within its walls. Lord Agrippa regularly seeks adventurers to send on quests throughout the land so that all can be safe within the realm.

Thanks to the well-developed road system of Sepharia, the major seaport located in Rune, and the services of Ganuk's Iron Worm, travelers are easily able to reach Rune and find it an effective way to reach all of the other major cities and areas within Alyria.

Rune Castle

Rune Castle is the stately abode of Alyria's most influential quest master, Lord Agrippa. Fair walls of stone overgrown with ornate vines protect the most important political figures in Sepharia. Powerful knights such as Sir Tristan grace the halls of this elegant place. Exotic delicacies are available in many shops within the walls of this fortified station of goodness. Guarded by a nearly excessive number of sentries, the castle with its plentifully flowing marble fountain remains safe from evil throughout the land.

Rune Crypts

Beneath the Runic Temple, and guarded by Murmur, lay a series of crypts that wind through underground passages filled with dangerous beasts as well as natural dangers. The crypts themselves are beginning to decay. Even if an adventurer can escape the dangerous falling rocks, they often fall victim to the demented creatures of the crypt which are said to serve the Lady Bane.

Focault Magic - Magic Equipment Company

Located on the east side of Rune, the Wizard Focault's Magic Equipment Company offered many amazing magical devices in its earlier days. The business has suffered of late as Focault became obsessed with personal projects and now the building itself is a den of creatures who pose dangers to those who journey there.

Twisty mazes and hidden passageways offer the bravest of adventurers an opportunity to seek out the Wizard Focault and pit their skills against his. Only the most foolish of mortals may expect to defeat this treacherous Wizard who has turned his equipment company into a dark place filled with danger.

Temple of Sumter

Midway up the mountain trail located to the west of Agrippa's Castle is the entrance to the Temple of Sumter. Rumors of cavernous passages below the Temple entice adventurers to seek their fortunes here as well as tales of places of power within these hidden areas. It is said that from within the temple creatures of darkness may be released into Alyria. It has been decades since factual evidence concerning these creatures has been found.

Winterborn Mansion

Home of the fabled Alpheus Winterborn, the wizard lord of this mansion, Winterborn Mansion reflects its owner's nature. Filled with creatures he has created, it is now one of the most dangerous residences in all of Alyria especially since the dread Lord Pumpkin may be found within its walls. Though the lower floors are generally safe, the upper stories are full of evil creatures such as terrible cthons.

Rune Realty

Though a home in Rune Realty is quite costly, having a home in this exclusive area brings many benefits as well as prestige to the owner. Beautifully crafted homes line the opulent streets of the area allowing those who live here to take great pride in having a home here. Their names are proudly proclaimed in the registrar's book on display. Since this city is extremely old, the west housing community is full of the homes of long gone fallen heroes while the newly constructed east housing area is full of homes belonging to new heroes in the world.