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The Sahuagin are a race of water-dwelling humanoids that concurrently emerged
from the depths of several aquatic domains. Although very similar racially,
the sahuagin from the oceanic depths of the Proving Grounds are very different
from those of Atlantis, those from Oceanus Decarus, and the many other
conclaves from which the seafolk squirm onto land.

Coming from small, insular tribes where the law dictates order and order
ensures survival, many sahuagin have difficulties fitting in with the other
races of Alyria, despite their intelligence, frequent respect for authority
and heightened sense of religiosity.

Although they are technically ichthyoid verbtebrates, the shark-like sahuagin
have developed biological processes that permit them to function out of water
for long periods of time. Possessing both strong tails and bipedal legs, the
sahuagin are awkward out of water and unmatched within it. When in water,
sahuagin enjoy heightened healing and magical regeneration, and innately
breathe underwater. Sahuagin fundamentally understand with and can control
water, possessing the natural skills of feeding, regenerate cartilage, flood
and hydroblast. In addition, they are naturally very strong fighters when
equipped with staves.

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