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Score is the statistics of the Adventurer.


Hit points, spell points and stamina are the three main stats that determines the wellbeing of your character. They will regenerate every game tick (15 seconds), and the amount regenerated for each tick will be increased when resting or sleeping. Hunger or thirst will slow the regeneration.

Hit Points (HP) measures the adventurer's life. HP will decrease when the adventurer is injured. If HP drops to or below zero the adventurer will die.

Spell Points (SP) measures the mental energy of the adventurer. A certain amount of SP are required to cast a spell, play a song or use some proficiencies (i.e., shift).

Stamina (ST) measures the movement value of the adventurer. It takes a certain number of ST to move from one location to another depending on different terrains. Fighting, spell casting and most communication also requires stamina.

Measures of the Adventurer[]

Alignment measures the adventurer's stance. Ranging from -1000 (demonic) to 1000 (angelic), it reflects goodness or evilness. Casting certain spells or killing non-player characters that are not evil will lower your alignment. Maintaining an appropriate alignment for your race is vital.

Reputation measures how the adventurer is viewed by the populace of Alyria. Killing fellow players, lowers reputation until the adventurer reaches the status of an Outlaw. Other players will tend to avoid and mistrust outlaws. Adventurers may kill outlaws without negatively affecting their own reputation and outlaws takes longer to be reincarnated when killed. The status of Saint is achieved simply by not attacking other adventurers as reputation increases automatically over time.

Adventurer Attributes[]

The other nine other attributes affect the performance of your character to varying degrees and in different situations. These stats may be increased by practicing with trainers. Most attributes requires 80 practices for an increase of one, with the exception of the primary attribute of the adventurer's current class which is reduced to 60 practices. Manuals which allow you to increase these stats are also randomly dispersed around Alyria.

Strength affects one's power. Strength determines the load one can carry and the damage one inflicts.

Knowledge affects one's intelligence. Higher knowledge increases improvement in skills and spells, both on the field and in the practice room.

Wisdom affects one's skill in making choices. Higher wisdom increases the number of practices received when one gains a level.

Agility affects one's nimbleness. Agility allows higher chance of hitting a target and avoiding attacks.

Personality affects one's charisma and will power. Personality improves the ability to deal with shopkeepers and to convince others of your ideas.

Vitality affects one's general constitution. Vitality increases in the regeneration of HP and ST as well as the amount of HP and ST you get for gaining each level.

Luck affects almost everything. Being luckier better chances at getting a favorable outcome.

Courage affects one's ability to overcome fear. Courageous people are more difficult to frighten and so effects that attempt to cause fear will be less effective if courage is high.

Sanity affects one's mental stability. Higher sanity increases the SP regenerated per tick and the chance of successfully casting a spell. With extremely high sanity, spells might even be force to cast without the reagents.

Complexity Comprehension[]

Spell Complexity Comprehension (SCC) is how adept your character is in the art of spell casting. A player with high SCC will be able to learn and cast very complicated and draining spells.

Proficiency Complexity Comprehension (PCC) works in the same fashion as SCC. As your character's PCC scores rise, so does his ability to learn more complicated maneuvers. PCC is separated into 5 categories:

  • Weapon Understanding and skill overall with weapons. (e.g., Axe, Sword, Dagger)
  • Defense Understanding of defensive maneuvers. (e.g., Dodge, Acrobatic, Parry)
  • Combat Understanding of combat skills. (e.g., Second attack, Enhanced damage, Bash)
  • Technical Understanding of more technical skills. (e.g., Tracking, Lock picking, Disarm Traps)
  • Mystical Knowledge and understanding of the history, legends, and land of Alyria. (e.g., Music, Alchemy, Lore)