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Sepharia is the oldest and most inhabited continent in Alyria. It is home to such popular cities as Rune, New Rigel, Lowangen, and Xaventry. Most of the areas on Sepharia are geared towards novice adventurers and adventurers uninterested in player to player combat.


Rune is the home of many adventurers, new and old alike. It is also the hub of sentient creatures in Alyria.

Rune Forest

Rune Forest is a great wooded sanctuary and home to virgin wildlife. But be wary, as deep within the forest lay the old Rune Graveyard teeming with skeletons.

New Rigel

New Rigel is a charitable center for those who enjoy questing. It offers many sights sufficient for most adventurers, though for true marvels one must travel elsewhere.


Lowangen is a rather innocent town lies in the northeast corner of Sepharia.


Xaventry is the home to a large population of religious Druids, Xaventry is located in an enormous forest.

Hall of Honor

This small hall displays plaques and statues devoted to those who have become so famous that they are now legends in Alyria.


Lasler is the origin of all novice adventurers. It offers beginners the chance to familiarize themselves with the world of Alyria.

New Kolvir

New Kolvir is a massive self-contained hexagonal town in which only the most seasoned experts can survive.


Lowanger is a rather innocent town that lies in the northeast corner of Sepharia.

Desert Thorn

Desert Thorn is an inhospitable desert oasis home to scorpions and similar nasties.

Inns and Taverns

The inns and taverns of Sepharia offers adventurers some rest from adventuring.

  • Inn of the Twin Moons
  • Lonely Dragon Inn
  • Traveller's Retreat
  • Tavern of the Boars
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