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Shamans are a class of spiritual missionaries. Representing less organized sects than their formalized counterparts the Priests, Shamanic religions tend to worship a pantheon rather than a single Power. Shamans venture into unknown lands, fighting against anything that is offensive to the Powers they serve. They prefer being armed only with a mace and a shield, although they are also skilled in combat with flails, nunchaku, polearms, staves, whips, and yo-yos.

Because they command the favor of their Powers, Shamans have the ability to call down holy (or unholy) energies to empower themselves. Using mystic rites and symbols, they can envelop enemies in pillars of flame, exorcise demons, protect themselves and their brethren, or perform simple tasks such as creating food and water.

In addition to defending their faith, Shamans journey around the world in search of wisdom and enlightenment. Because Shamans come from many different races, their beliefs vary widely, and in fact they are often completely opposite from one another. The denominations have a long history of warring with each other, and with various other religious groups. Young Shamans often wage jihads in Xaventry, a town located on the continent of Sepharia, as many other religions are centered there.

A Shaman's primary attribute is Wisdom.

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