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The Sidhe are faeries from the ethereal plane; thin, up to six feet in height, handsome and young-looking despite their great age. Their forms are shadowy, and they can only fully materialize in the presence of another humanoid. Even their beauty is that of another world. Their skin is soft, their hair long and flowing, their clothes blindingly white. Their voices are sweet and seductive, and they have shimmering translucent wings, like those of a butterfly.

The Sidhe have the ability to cast a glamour over weaker beings, which lets them influence the behavior of others, slip by dangerous places virtually undetected, or assume the form of another creature. Because they are inherently good beings, Sidhe are difficult to control with magic, and can sense the presence of evil creatures. Although their powers are greatest on the ethereal plane, they are yet powerful in the mortal realms, impervious to the effects of poison and resistant to disease. However, they are still vulnerable to the cold touch of iron.

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