Materia Magica Wiki


Spells that originate in the mind, requiring no reagents or words, merely thought power, that comes 

directly from the caster's energy field and his or her link into the astral plane. Many of these spells 

may also be cast unbeknownst (until it is done) to the target.

Spells in the Thought School:

Amnesia Bar Cancellation Describe

Disequilibriate Disrupt Sight Domination Esp

Float Force Field Forget Geisteblitz

Induce Aggression Irritation Knock Memory Drain

Mental Disruption Mesmerize Mimic Mind Shield

Nullification Field Ominous Pense Physical Reinforcement

Psychic Rebellion Pyrokinesis Remote Sensing Sensory Enhancement

Spook Telekinesis Telekinetic Bash Telekinetic Explosion

Telekinetic Pierce Telekinetic Punch Telekinetic Shield Telekinetic Slash

Telekinetic Wave Telesmatic Force Teleview Transference