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Valkyries are an exclusive group of top-notch female Barbarians. Named after a mythical tribe of warrior women, Valkyries are famous around the world for their prowess in battle. They often make their livings working as mercenaries, and tend to receive higher wages than most other fighters. Because they value courage above all other virtues, Valkyries are proud and dedicated soldiers.

Well trained for combat situations, Valkyries prefer fighting with long spears. In addition, they are skilled in the use of flails, polearms, swords, whips, and axes or spears that can be thrown. They can strike as hard and as fast as normal Barbarians, and are also more skilled in evasion tactics than any other class.

The various tribes of Valkyries are composed of individuals who have rejected the patriarchal structure found in normal society. They seek to demonstrate that women can be aggressive, powerful, and competent warriors, and they are among the most feared enemies of most other groups. It has been proven time and time again that they fight as well as (or better than) most men. Young Valkyries sometimes leave their tribes to combat inequality in the world, and often travel to Tellerium, a city located on the continent of Avros. Because its residents distrust the use of magic, Tellerium is the perfect place to demonstrate combat skill.

A Valkyrie's primary attribute is Courage.

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